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Bring The Pain

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 12, 2006

It actually snowed in Baltimore, like a real snow. It made a little hard to go do strongman. I don’ mind traveling in the snow but it would have been a little rough to try and yoke walk and the like an wet pavement. So, off to the gym I go.
First I did Zercher squats 135, 155, 175, 185 for eight reps apiece: I haven’t really tried these before a found this a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. You would think a guy who could hit a 405 squat for a couple reps would be able to Zercher more but I don’t think I could have kept going. I’m doing these hoping to improve my strongman lifts, like stone lifts.
I then went for some clean and press with 135 for 5X5. Then I opted for some deadlifts. I loaded up 225 and did double under, over then both mixed for a 20 count on each. I opted for two full rotations of this.
I went back to the squat rack for some lock outs with 585. I did a thirty count then made someone hold a stopwatch for me to make it to a minute. That was a long freakin’ minute.
Then I opted for three sets of fifteen on back extension and ab wheel alternating.

Seems like there was a little something more in there, I sure feel worn out like there was but I can’t recall it all.

I did some kettlebell work earlier ten reps with each arm then ten with both for three sets.

Then I went and blew more money than I care to admit but had a great day. This was one of the nicests days I have been outside for a while.

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