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Gentle Re-entry

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 3, 2006

Made it to the gym again last night. My back is not yet, quite, 100%. So opted to jog, at first I thought that might be too much for my back because it got sore right away, then it seemed to loosen up and feel a little better. When I got done with that I used an oolympic bar alone to do five rep circuit of: deadlift, hang clean, clean and press, snatch, overhead squat, back jerk. I did that abou two and half times. My forearms were actually geting really tired toward the end which kind of made me angry because there wasn’t even any weight on the bar. Then I realized I had been busy exhasting them before I left for the gym.
I did some levering (to the nose and to the side). I also did a lot of playing with block weights. I have the Blob50 so I was picking that up with two hands, I also have a 70 and 80 dumbell with one head of each and I was having a lot of fun with those. I hold the handle in a hammer grip, with the remaining head facing down and do curls or raises or whatever comes to mind. Last night I was attempting to snatch them.
This morning the back is a little stiff and sore so mayjust ride a recumbent bike tonight. The good news is that I didn’t gain any wieght during my leave from the gym, in fact, I may have lost a pound.

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