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What A Difference A 1/16″ Makes

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 16, 2006

no Gym today but a busy day out running around. Got some nice clothes and I’m the proud new owner of Sony Blah Blah. I forget the number but I really like it so far. Stopped by Home Despot. I’m standing in the aisle looking for timber ties. I see a guy about my age, maybe younger, wander up with girlfriends and Father figure in tow. I hear the father type ask about some large nail in my proximity and the the guy says something about that not being it. The girl says, no he can’t bend those, he can only kink it. Something like that is pretty rare to hear. I turned to the guy and asked him if he was looking for timber ties to bend. He said no, he wanted 60D nails. I asked him if he was on Gripboard, to which he responded with the affermative. I inroduced myself by handle and name. He introduced himself, I think he said his handle was Thor. Anyway, hes out from Cali visiting family and ran out of suff to bend. A cool run in. My wife and I both scowered the shelves for timber ties, no luck. I can see where they belong. Either there has been a run on timber ties in my area or they don’t stock them cause no one uses them. Next week I may just call and ask them to order some and keep them for me. I did buys a bit of HRS. Got some 3/16 round and square for warm ups. I also got 1/4 round and square. Last I got one 5/16th piece of round. The 3/16 round and square is a joke. I bent some and had my wife take a hand at straightening it, with decent luck. I bent the square along its corner, looks cool. I bent the round 1/4, it was too easy. I gave a half assed effort at the 5/16 it wants to bend for me but I didn’t bend it. i realized as i trype this that I didn’t take a whack at 1/4 sqaure so I’ll do that in a bit. I also bought 10 6″ 60D nails at the recommendation of Mr. Thor. I can try but haven’t bent them yet. I can give them a vague arch but not much that you would notice unless you look for it.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 15, 2006

Got to watch some amazing football today. I love this hard hitting smash mouth football. Much better than the light weight crap from yesterday. I alos got to the gym today.

Squat 3X3 365
calf raise 3X12 365
Front squat 4X4 185

Seems like there was something else but I have forgotten. I should have done straight leg dead lift but didn’t think of it while I was there.
Finger curl – 3X12 135
I wasn’t really trying to hit grip really big today. My forearms are a little weak from my bending fun. I’m gonna try and resist and rest them up for a day or two.
On a bending note, I plan on getting back to Home Despot tomorrow to get so HRS and those timber ties (not zip ties you bastards). I’m not sure if I’ll go to a differnt Despot or the same, but the one I was at yesterday had some square stock too so I may try and get a bit of that.

Off Night

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 14, 2006

I was kinda dumb tonight.

I felt weak and sore, I went ahead and gave the bend a try. Normally the steel feels like it aches to be bent. Tonight it felt solid and complete. I gave it a try anyway. Dumb.
I got it bent about half way. It’s not going any further. I keep trying but it’s not going anywhere. I’m gonna leave it for a while.

Anyway, made trip to Home Despot. They kept trying to sell me zip ties for timber ties. I don’t want zip ties.
I also wanted to try and buy some steel. It was all hot rolled.

So, I’m kinda not have a great bending day from multiple angles. I’m gonna give it a rest and hit the gym tomorrow.

Oh, and I broke my camera today, so I have to get another.

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Feeling Groovy

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 13, 2006

So, last night after I posted I got to feeling much better. I decided after a while to give a go at breaking a nail. I decided to use the one I bent the night before. It took a bit of work, I had trouble opening it for the bend position so I held it above my head, upside down to straighten it. Then I went back to the chest crush and bent it again. It gave up before I did. It left behind jagged little edges, I still have the little bastard. I think I want to trim the sharp bits off and keep it to bend again some day. The only problem I see is that when I hold it the nail ends in the middle of my palm. I will definitly need to learn some technique before I do that.

On to tonight, in the gym
Little light chest press, high pull, light decline press, heavy dumbell row, heavy chest press.
I didn’t actually pay much attention to the dumbels I grabbed, I figured it was 80-85ish. I got my dumbell reps out. Figured i was doing pretty good since I hadn’t done these in a while. I started on the dumbell press and had to wuss out at 5 reps. I kept going with four reps for two more reps. In between sets I took a look at the dumbells. Holy Crap, They’re Hundreds!!
I remember lifting when I was in high school watching a guy in the gym I went to lift with hundreds. He missed rep and chucked them aside and stormed out. I remember then, KNOWING he was juicing, you had to be to do that. I feel pretty dumb about that now. I mean, Ihave never touched drugs and only been back after it a year and a half and find myself able to use 100s. Live and learn. It also shows either; how much I have matured or how bad my training was then. I have no idea which.

Anyways, the grip: First, I am finding it very hard not to attempt a bend tonight but my arms need the rest. Tomorrow I will get some of the spikes that Scott recommended, maybe they will have some steel there too, but I doubt it.

I decided to be nice to the wrists tonight.
Dumbell wrist curls 40lb 3X20
Reverse dumbell wrist curls 25lb 3X10

Tomorrow I will do some light levering and maybe wrist roller to warmup for a bending and hopefully breaking.

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Night Off

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 12, 2006

Tonight was to be my night off. At one point we had debated going to the gym but I have been fighting something today. I am getting that nasty skin crawling sensation like when you get the flu. I also have a lot of muscle soreness, that isn’t related to lifting. So that’s it for tonght. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and make it to the gym.

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Limiting Factors

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 12, 2006
I started grip training because I found that it was my grip that was stopping me from being able to continue gaining strength in the deadlift. I wasn’t content with the idea of using straps, I wan’t to do it raw besides you can’t use straps in a powerlifting competition. It quickly made a huge difference.
Last night I revisted that experience, this time it was my fault. First, I don’t tear phonebooks, cause I don’t have any. I’m not sure if I could tear out local phonebook if I had to. I saw some very strong guys try it last weekend and if they had trouble then I have a long way to go. I do tear magazines though. I find that they are a challenge and offer a variety of resistances. Unlike a phonebook, if the cover comes off, it gets harder, not easier. So I tore through an Esquire magazine, the one with Bill Clinton on the cover. In truth it was pretty thick for a magazine, I’ve seen smaller, rural phone books that weren’t much bigger.
After that I was feeling good. I had gotten two nails over the weekend to bend. Ever since I got them I would pick them up almost each day and hold one like I was going to bend it. It felt like it just wanted to bend. Without any padding, I felt like with just a pinch more force I could get it started. So I found an old glove I had laying around that had a hole in it. I took the lining out and cut it down to just leather. I wrapped the nail and bent it. It bent much easier than the other one I had done of the same size. It felt really good. I wanted to try and bend i back and got it about half way.
About and hour after that I headed off to the gym for a dealift workout. As soon as I got there I was off my game. All the space I normallyuse for deads, cause it is the most out of the way, was taken up by people curling and watching themselves. It was ridiculous. So I set up in the middle of the weight room cause I still was going to deadlift.
As soon as I got going I noticed my grip was weak. That was when I realized Ihad screwed myself with the tear and bend earlier in the day. At 365, i was limited to one rep per set because I couldn’t grip tight enough to keep control of the bar on the second set. Deadlift wrapped up early I wanted to do good mornings. Squat racks are all busy with curling, this is stupid. So I cleaned and pressed the weight, then lowered it to my back. A mere 135. I did 12 reps. At that point one of racks came open so I stripped the bar and moved up to the rack to finish my workout. After good mornings then I started doing calf raises.
During this I got distracted because this bodybuilder/trainer they had was giving one of his clients horrible advice. This is a petite little housewife, not a powerlifter. He was telling her to get a belt a knee wraps before they did any squating or heavy lifting. I shook my head and he saw me. Nice thing was that rather than ignore me, he actually wanted to talk about it. So I explained my views, a couple other lifters in the area, who I actually get along with, chimed in t say that they felt belts were bad. Just to be nice, I wrapped up by putting my hand on his shoulder and looking at the trainee and saying, “Look, this guy is your trainer, do what he says. You don’t like what he says, get a different trainer.” She annouced that she liked her trainer and I told her that was great, but that means she needs to do it his way. I figured it was the most fair to everyone. I went on to do some rack pulls with 315 just to punish my grip a bit. I skipped the rest of the usual grip program.So to recap:
Tore a magazine
bent a nail
had no grip in the gym
pulled 315 about 10 times between dealifts and rack pulls
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You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 8, 2006

As I write this I have 336 lbs of fury on, they are about to see Evander Hollyfield. Luke loaned it to me after an amazing training session. I got a solid yoke walk with 610 and felt good. I also got, I think it was, 195 per arm on farmer carry. The incredibly painful deadlift workouts I have been hitting paid of big time. I didn’t feel like I would die under the weight, it was awesome. I have to stay after it. I think I kinda impressed Luke with my improvement. More than that I really impressed myself. I was so happy that it went so well. In the meantime Dan Cenidoza showed up. He told me he would try but he had a commencment to go to so he would be late. NO, it was his. He graduated today. Dude showed up with his cap and gown to get some video of him in cap and gown lifting stones, levering, all kinds of cool stuff. I look forward to seeing that. I got to flip the bg kid tire at Luke’s, levered ten pound sledge from the end in each hand. I even got to try out Dan’s kettlebells a bit. Those things are awesome. I got to watch Dan and Luke lever a sixteen pound hammer, tear some cards, tear a phone book and I foget what all else. It was seriously one of the moe amazing training session/strength displays I have ever been able to witnes. Anyway, things were wrappin up and we headed back to the house. We were talking about bending and stuff. I mentioned how it was something I wanted to do in a year. They were nice enough to offer me some steel. Like the kid who wants to be cool and takes his first cigarette, I took the steal. It bent!! I mean I don’t think it was very hard stuff, I reall wouldn’t know. I think they said it was 1/4″ carriage bolt. So one whim they had me try some 1/4″ cold rolled steel, I think it was like 7″ long. It took all I had, grunting, turning red, I think I even slobbered a bit but I got it. It must has taken three minutes. So that’s it. I’m exhausted and think I will hurt tomorrow, but damn it I am happy and tired now. I love this feeling. I have added the image of by two bends to my album.

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Shoot To Thrill

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 8, 2006

Yesterday was another round in the gym. This time as I came in I saw that all of the (two) squat racks were busy. The good news was that at least one of them was in fact doing squats. This tall very lean muscular guy was actually knocking out 200+ pound squats, warms this old bastard’s heart. Other guy was, of course, doing curls; with just the bar. I want to yell at these people but it’s the standard there. So I have to be a bit more creative. I typically do my push press (I think it’s the jerk part of the clean and jerk) using a powerrack because I can’t clean as much as I can press. I decided that was just too bad, and never mind that we don’t have bumper plates either.

Push press 5X4 165
It was a pretty decent challenge. I would clean the weight the press all four reps then lower it, under control, to the floor. I think I was a better person for doing it. The squatter previously mentioned actually got interested, nice guy. In the gym I go to, I shocked anyone noticed I wasn’t just doing another weird curl.

Barbell rows 5X4 225
Did these underhanded, I tend to go back and forth on that. Overhand is more comfortable for me for some reason but I figure this is about the extent of my bicep work so I may as well hit the biceps.

High pull 5X4 115
This is a recent addition to my arsonel. As you can tell the weight is low. I think I am doing them right. I basially hold the barbell overhanded in the top position of a dead lift. Then I pull it up to about chin level. It’s basically the top 1/2 or 2/3 of a clean. I started doing these hoping I would start olympic lifting soon. They realy get your rhomboids. I have noticed the muscles in my back getting thicker and stronger with this movement.

Wrist curl 2X8 1X6 115
much better than last weeks failed attempt at these. They were still very tough. I need to find a different bady arrangment so I cheat less.

Reverse wrist curls 3X8 65
I belive this is the weight with which I overdid things a week or two ago. It felt very tough but my wrists feel fine this morning.

Today it will be strongman mosher.gif . I’ve kind of been a big sissy and not gone back since last time. I honestly had good excuses, but I probably could have made it if I wanted. So today t is back to the beatings. I got Luke a thank you gift of a blob, I hope he doesn’t have one. A strong guy like him could have a lot of fun with one of tese things. He could probably do okay in the race to pick one up by its face. Anyway I’l be meeting him and possibly another guy up there plus Dan may swing bay to give me a couple pointers on kettlebell basics.
I also have to remember to ask if he minds me bringing another guy next time. I have a coworker who’s husband is a nex college ball player. He claims he wants to shape up and try to walk on for the Raven’s. I don’t think that would be terribly hard, some of the their loer guys are sissies. That said Itold the guy to come on over and train with me at one of the new gyms I will be starting at. He wants to stay home with his kids.
Don’t misunderstand me, I respect fatherhood and being a good father. It’s just that if you want to try and get paid for playing football, you have to find a way to train, a lot. Your talking about a job that will keep you out of the house a lot of weekend and some evenings. If you think you want to do that but can’t leave the kids for an hour to go lift, you might have a problem. Still, I hope he does well.

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Squats In The Hizzie

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 7, 2006

Hit the gym last night

squat 5X4 315
These were very heavy to me. I have found that I bend at the waist too much at the bottom and coming up. I ended up with a tired back at the end of these. A tired back has been a huge problem lately and I’m certain that sitting all day at work is contributing.

calf raise 3X8 315
Done with a straight bar off of twenty-five pound plates. Really my calves don’t need the work nearly as much as my core so I do these with a barbell.

straight leg deadlift 5X4 185
I like these, I probably went a little light ths time but it will go up.
During the deadlifts I did one finger curl rep at the top of each rep. makes for a total of 20 very tough reps. I did a little bit with the one handed pinch. I was able to pass two tens back and forth very easy. I got three tens up for about a fifteen count before it blew up. I was unable to get three tens with the left hand. I think it had as much to do with hand position as strength. The plates just didn’t seems to lock into my hand like they did the other day.

I also nailed some sledge work yesterday morning. I took it light because I have been slacking lately. I levered from 10″ easy. I also did some side levering and attempted some dynamic/ballistic levers front and back. I don’t really have the strength do these well yet but I’m gonna keep trying, these will be part of the plan to get ready to lever.

So at the end of this week, the first of ’06, I feel like I trained pretty well despite not taking my program to the gym with me. I will get that repaired for next week although based on some of the training I did this week, I need to update the weights a bit. As far as my resolutions, I did a great job on my flossing and got me a little moutwash. Without looking back at my resolutions I pretty much didn’t make my goals. Not a huge deal, it’s one week but one week easily becomes two then a month then six months. So I don’t want this to get away from me. I missed the levering, joint work/pilates, piano practice. I did eat pretty decent. It has been a hard habit to get rolling. I got up late once and wasn’t able to pack a lunch. Other than that I take my huge lunch bag with a salad and some kind of chicken. usually there was some yogurt in there and a breakfast sandwhich(homemade).

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Don’t Tell The Boss

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 5, 2006

Blogging from work today. I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home from the gym last night. Had planned to come into work late which meant sleeping in. Unfortunatly instead of sleeping in an hour to come to work a little more than an hour after my usual time, I slept in two and a half hours. Kept my cool, got showered and went on my way. Got here on time for my late arrival today. Of course, no time pack lunch so I’m a little off my game today as work food isn’t nearly as good as my food. I will be here until ten tonight for a little class I agreed to particiapte in. Thus no gym time tonight, but I had planned for it.
I still haven’t gotten any levering in this week, not a good start. I will probably continue to put it off until tomorrow. I did hit grippers a bit yesterday. It has been at least two weeks since I last played on them. I noticed a small loss in my left hand but I think it has been addressed. I have been reading bending articles and posts a bit. I’m excited to try but am trying to put it off until ’07. I suspect I will cave before then. Nice little workout on the go whistling.gif
Last night I actually did bench. I think it has been almost a month. I did pretty good, 275 4X5. I felt kinda bad. I saw some guys working really hard but they had horrible form. So I went and offered unsolicated advice, I don’t normally do that cause it’s super rude. Anyway I told them to plant their feet rather than dancing while they are trying to bench. The guy that obviously runs the group knew what I meant right away and straightened them all out. Later I grabbed him and told him I wasn’t trying to be a bastard and to keep after it they were doing good. I don’t think he knew what to make of it. I tried.

Wrist curls:
135 6 reps, 4 reps 4 of what coul dbe called isometric reps at best.
Revers wrist curls
45 3X12 I was worried about the sore wrist from last week, plus I had forgot how much bench can strain your wrists. This was way to light as opposed to the work above.

This was actually earlier in the day. I did a couple reps with each as I walked to the train station. On the way home I really hit the reps. I was focusing on my #1 the most. After a while I could do one really good rep followed by arep that I just couldn’t quite close. Then I switched to my T. It was a bit of a joke, unless I wanted to try and do sets of 20 or more it served no purpose. I’m ntot really up for super high rep sets. Either way I hammered my hands pretty well. The skin still feels abused despite my best attempts to keep the hands comfy and moist. I have to admit that typing all day takes it’s own toll on them. Iwould really like to get left handed track ball since the right hand is overused anyway.

So tomorrow I’m trying yet another new gym as I like the most recent one we tried but it doen’t really work for the wife. I could see us with seperat gym memberships real soon, just cause she wants a leg press she likes and a rowing machine; I want bumper plates and kettlebells. I never thoguht I would find it but since I have, I’m not letting go.

back to work, right. rolleyes.gif

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