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Rest Period

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 31, 2006

I’m taking a few days off. It turns out that I pulled the same muscle last Saturday night that I have pulled twice before. There is a refernce to me having pulled it somewhere in this blog even. This time it seems to have been very minor. That said I don’t want to screw myself up for the long term so I’m just taking it easy.
The plan is to slack until Thursday then I’ll go do cardio and a little very light lifting. Then early next week I will get back after it.
Unfortuantly this means I have to miss this weekends Strongman. I was so salivating for it too. I really want to lift that Atlas stone. I figure it is the smart thing to do. So this blog is gonna be really boring (more so than usual) for about a week.
In other news I think I’m finally committed to getting a kettlebell. Dan Cenidoza was kind enough to shoot some video with me in it and passed it on to me. I had planned on losing a few pounds for the upcoming contest but seeing myself on video was really shocking for me. I have a lot of stomach on me. So I’m gonna use the kettlebell as a conditioning tool to drop some weight. I am hoping it will also strengthen my back a bit and we can avoid this little game in the future.

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