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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 28, 2006

Went for another jog, 2 miles at 5.1mph (according to the treadmill, that is an 11:45 mile). Then I went to work on cleans. 95 lb clean, 5X 95 lb hang clean, 135 clean, 5X 135 hang clean, 155 clean, 175 clean.
I kinda twinged my back on that last one, it was during the catch. I think the jog before hand may have worn out my back a little.
Interestingly enough my back actually felt much better up to that point, I think because I was not sitting all day.

I’ll be taking tomorrow off to heal, rest and go to the pet expo.

I did bend the last of my 3/16 stock a couple days ago, I also melted some long 1/4 stock. It was a full 10″ and I accidentally bent it about 2″ off center. I haven’t bent in a couple days. The first day almost had withdraw pains. I think it was actually my body healing up. For the first day my elbows hurt all day, the second my shoulders and last evening my elbows again.
I’m doing much better today but I’m gonna take another day or two off to heal.

There is a strongman comp in Maryland in may and I’m gonna sign up. The weights are insane, I’m gonna try. I’m also trying to lost 15 pounds (to 260) to make it into a lower weightclass (below 265). I figure I should lose the weight anyway so this is a good excuse.
The events:
Apollons Axle (2″ barbell)Clean & Press 255 for 60 seconds
Farmer carry -290 per hand/Yoke walk 785 20 yards each
6 Stone Load 290-355 47″-52″
3 Keg carry 240-270 20 yards back and out
680 tire flip twelve flips

I have a lot of work to do for the next three months

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