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Light Day

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 25, 2006

I jogged today, yeah that’s right, jogged. 20 damn minutes of the hamster wheel. It did it at 5 mph. Long before I came here, about three and half years ago I did start trying to lose weight, this is before I started back to lifting. I ran on a treadmill five days a week, trying to get to 2 miles at 5 mph. After a while I got good at it and actually got my bodyweight down to 246. Then I stopped running all together. Actually as the weight came back, it was a lot more muscle than fat so I wasn’t to upset but I have decided it is time to look toward 250 again. I haven’t sat down and made 250 and official type goal. For the moment I’m just seeing where this can take me.
After the hamster wheel I did a little light circuit work until the wife was done with her stuff.

just the olmpic bar
hang cleans 20
hang snatch 20
bent over row 20
curl 20
tricep press 20
military press 20
back jerk 20

I got bored with the bar and moved on to a 25 lb plate
front raise 20
chest press 20

that was it. A light day with a focus on burning calories. Tomorrow we will go heavy again.

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