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Middle Of The Road

Posted in Grip,Gym Strength by Mike on January 24, 2006

Skipped the gym yesterday.
Went today but had my little pain in my left shoulder returning. It tends to show up, these days, only when I attempt a bend with all I’ve got and fail. The isometrics ore probably a little too much on the shoulders. It’s wierd too cause I can knock out some really nice bends when I’m at Luke’s. I hit some 1/4 CRS and some 5/16 HRS easy. It’s not the same at home. Both times Luke has given me some of the same steel I bent at his place. At home, no go. I haven’t bent a single one of the 5/16 he sent home with me. I think it is a combination of factors:
team environment – training with someone is a great feeling and it seems everything goes better when someone else is there making sure you don’t slack
great full body workout – I think is very similar to all those guys who do grippers after squats, I really think there is something to that. You would think with the amount of weight we move I would be smoked at Luke’s but it seems to make it just happen for me.
mind set – usually when Luke or Dan hand me steel I just try to slam it, and do. When I do it by myself there is a lot of fiddleing around, wondering if I should do this right now.
devotion – on the days that I train at Lukes (only once every two weeks) I block out the day for training. I get up late, have a huge breakfast of four whole grain waffles, lay around until it’s time to go. When I’m at home I’ve been working all day, I’m thinking about doing something else later, the TV is on.

I can’t replicate all those at home, but I think I really need to get my head into my home bends as much as the ones with Luke. Also I think I’m gonna get me some more 3/16 round and square. I seem to be able to bend 3/16 easy. I bent a 4″ piece earlier. I found the 3/16 square bent easy too, I think I need to get about 6′ of that and cut it to lengths from 10-5″ and bend all those. I’ll also pick up some more 1/4 round. All that I have right now is like 6″ or less. I can bend about one per day with warm up. Any more than that and I’m just hurting myself.

I’m also gonna try to make a schedule, maybe only bend twice per week. Wed/thur and Sat/Sun, leaving mself a days leeway to adjust my schedule. It’s hard cause everytime I see the steel I want to bend it. I’m gonna have to actually move it to another room so I’m not looking at it several times a day.

Wow that was a whole lot longer tha expected…..

the gym
deadlift 405X4 Apropriate warmups prior
Hang clean 135 X 8
clean and press 135 X 8
Bench press, super wide, focus on the pecs – 2X12 185
dumbell snatch 10reps 20 lbs each arm, 10 reps 30 lbs each arm
overhead squat 2X10 18lbs.
One hand T bar row- 10 X70lbs each arm
overhand curl 10 reps 62lb
curl 10 reps 62lb
Finger curls 2X20 135

I took it pretty light and fast. I was feeling kinda tired and my shoulder was bothering me so I wanted to try to work that kink out more than anything. I’m planning on running instead of lifting tomorrow although I will probably work a little light work in.

That’s it for tonight lengthy post.

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