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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 22, 2006

Awesome day, Strongman training.

Let’s see, axle cleans, I think I had the 75lb bar with 45 on each side (165). The amount of stress placed on the thumb is unbelievable. This just strengthens my resolve to get those thick handled dumbells, although it seems like a thick handled barbell like the axel. I have never felt my thumbs feel like they do tonight.
Then onto yoke walk, hit a full carry of 635. Luke pointed out that I couldn’t even lock that out the first time I tried. It was amazingly hard but it felt awesome to complete. The last eight feet were total sensory depravation. All I could see and hear was that spot in front of me that I was going for.
Then we did some bottom squats, those are a neat experience. I think he said we got over 400. He completed 9 consecutive, strong reps. I managed three reps where I kind of bounced it, then four more legit, strong, no bounce reps. I will have to add these to my regimen.

After that we went round back for me to take a shot at the stones. The bastards still beat me. I can get the 345 into my lap but I don’t know what to do with it after that. I’m gonna try to find videos to learn from but there is nothing lke the stones.
I also took a shot at the 3″ barbell. That is crazy. Luke said he’ training for the Inch by slowly loading the 3″ and one hand deadlifting it. Oh, and he got a hex 70 and 80 that he took the head off of, he gave me the other half to do some damage with.I think we’re gonna go in on a 75 next time I go visit.
We did a little bending too. I was able to bend a really long piece of 5/16″ HRS. We also discovered, by comparison, that the HRS I bought and Home Depot appears to actually bend like CRS, and probably is.

I got to come home with two half dumbells and a bunch more steel, oh and some sore muscles. I feel great and had another awesomd day.

Oh yeah! and my wife says any day the Broncos lose is a great day.

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