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Return To Badness

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 21, 2006

I went to the gym last night and it felt awesome, I haven’t felt that strong in a long time. I don’t like to take two days off from lifting very often but that really paid off. For starters, cast your mind back to my second blog ever.
As you read down it you may notice that part of the reason I started grip was because I had to use straps to achieve my bodies max deadlift of 400lbs. Well, last night I did it, four times. The bad news is that I felt like I could pull more after it but again my grip failed me, which means I still have to keep after the grip (not bad news) because it is still the weak link in the chain. We consider that my grip strength has improved enough to pull fifty pounds more than previously for four rather than one, that is a pretty good improvment. I need to get back to rack pulls with heavy weights because, while 50lbs is nice, I could do better.
I even tried a little sumo style pulls. I have never tried those before. It seems like you barely move the bar and it’s true because you only pick it up six inches at most. I don’t have to coordination or the correct muscles developed to be really good at it but I think it could be a useful tool, especially in improving my grip.
While there I did 20 consecutive good mornings with just the bar immediatly followed by 20 front squats with just the bar (my lower back was killing me again). did lunges with 40lbs for 2X ten with each leg. I did some very light wrist curls with just 20lb dumbells.
I decided to bend one piece of my 3/16th rounds stock. I figured I feel much better and I really need to practice my double overhand technique. Fortunatly that light of stock just melts in my hand like warm butter, so I don’t think I did anything to harm my wrists or hands. To my wifes credit, she reminded me the whole time that I told her I’m not supposed to bend until tomorrow. I asked her to do that so it ws a good thing.
I find the double overhand a little tough to learn and need to practice. I tend to pch both hands and the bar away from my body which weakens my position and bend. I feel like I need to the simulataneously thin bout press my hands down and together while also driving th bar into my body. We shall see.

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