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Taking It Easy

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 20, 2006


I haven’t been to the gym in the last two days. Both my wife and i just have not felt any desire to go at all. This is really out of the norm for me. Each night I have reluctantly given in to my weaknesses. Honestly, it was probably a good thing. I have been feeling really run down lately. I may have been overtraining, then again it may just be work.
The bad thing about not going the last couple days is that I really feel like I may be adding a couple pounds of fat to my body. Not just in the last two days, mind you, but over the course of the last two month. Sitting a desk all day then coming home feeling wiped out is not good for the waistline.
I’m consider adjusting mys trength training routine in a way that is unheard of for me. I’m considering trying to alternate between strength and cardio, one night strenght followed by one night cardio. This would limit my strength nights to two or three a week and I don’t feel like that is enough but I’m having trouble coming up with other solutions. We will just have to see.

I am planning on getting to the gym tonight.

I will say the time off seems to have done good things for my recovery from bending. I also have’t done any bending in like two going on three days. The first day off my hands and forearms ached, the second my elbows and eventually shoulders. I’m still in the sore shulder phase but it is getting better. Hopfully, tomorrow I’ll be feeling right as rain but I’m still going to try and wait until Sunday to do any further bending.
I did buy Eric milfields Ebook and have been trying to learn the double overhand. I really think you have to practice a whole lot before you get it down but it may be worth it in the end. I also feel like I may see further weakness in my finger strength when using his technique. The first day I had the Ebook and tried it I found that as I tried to bend the bar it would shift and slip out of my hands. I may have really start getting after the finger strength.

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