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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 17, 2006

I lied, I tried a tiny bit of bending today. Just one piece of the really light stuff, a shot at the 60D nail, and the 1/4″ square. I really felt those in the arms. I have sworn off bending until this weekend. My body needs the break. It will be hard but I will not bend until I train with Luke on Sunday.
Went to the gym today, worst yet. First they moved some stuff around to make room for the new dumbell racks, thus removing and previously empty space that I might have otherwise used for deadlifts and the like. I really wanted to do push press, unfortunatly the squat curl racks were all busy. Usually I would just set up and clean the press the barbell. Unfortuantly I had to move three times to set up where someone else wasn;t trying to do something. I’m not mad at the individuals because they are just doing what they came to do. I’m pissed cause I asked them to try and get a real powerrack, instead they bough more dumbells. They have about 40 pairs of dumbells, they don’t need twenty more. I almost never see them being heavily used. It is mostly a waste of money in my opinion.
So I tried to work out, it didn’t go well, I’ll cover that in a minute. Afterward I asked one of the chicks that has worked there for a while, they have been having a lot of turnover lately.
ME: What’s up with the weightroom?
HER: What, What? What!
ME: The new equipment.
HER: What new equipment?
ME: The dumbbell racks?
HER: We are getting some new equipment.
ME: What are we getting?
HER: Dumbells, you did say it was a dumbell rack.
ME: Yes, I got that. Anything else? Any real equipment, like powerracks?
HER: Powerracks? Well we got the new TVs
She gestured over her shoulder to about six or eight new TVs each mounted on a treadmill so if none of the three giant TVs around the gym suit you, you can have your favorite reality show in your face.
I made a sour face
HER: What, you don’t like it?
ME: I hate it.
HER: Well, it’s not like Rocky. Well not including four, then you’d have to train in a….
ME: That’s my favorite part.
She starts explaining the refernce to a new girl there. I wandered off, I think she wanted to get rid of me and it worked, hopefully for good.

So anyway that was my experience…
The workout itself was mediocre. I got some puch press, dumbell press, dips. Then I got fed up and went and did twenty squats with 225, then I dropped it down to 135 and did two sets of ten as hard and fast as I could. I have been having bicep tendon pain. I had the same when I was on my big powerlifting bender. I think it was actually the bolt cutters I used on my nails that really got it going again. The weirdest thing is that it gets aggrivated by pressing movements and pulling/curling movement actually make it feel better. I don’t really understand it.

Then I cam home and did pilates with the wife, think what you like, Karen Voight will kick your ass and come back for more.

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