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A Little Fun

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 17, 2006

two bends from last night.
First the tiny bend, This little guy was like 4 inches. I was hard to get an angle on him. Once I got him to 90 degrees I was really stuck. I couldn’t go any further. Finally I settled on crushing him like one of those new IM Tugs. He settled between my left middle finger and thumb and go squished.

This next bugger is a 60D galvanized nail that I took a shot at. As you can see I didn’t go far with him. We aren’t done yet. He will be a project and when he is done, I’m coming for his 9 friends I have.

PS. This is my first time trying to post images from another site so bear with me will I mess with the way i handled this.

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