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What A Difference A 1/16″ Makes

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 16, 2006

no Gym today but a busy day out running around. Got some nice clothes and I’m the proud new owner of Sony Blah Blah. I forget the number but I really like it so far. Stopped by Home Despot. I’m standing in the aisle looking for timber ties. I see a guy about my age, maybe younger, wander up with girlfriends and Father figure in tow. I hear the father type ask about some large nail in my proximity and the the guy says something about that not being it. The girl says, no he can’t bend those, he can only kink it. Something like that is pretty rare to hear. I turned to the guy and asked him if he was looking for timber ties to bend. He said no, he wanted 60D nails. I asked him if he was on Gripboard, to which he responded with the affermative. I inroduced myself by handle and name. He introduced himself, I think he said his handle was Thor. Anyway, hes out from Cali visiting family and ran out of suff to bend. A cool run in. My wife and I both scowered the shelves for timber ties, no luck. I can see where they belong. Either there has been a run on timber ties in my area or they don’t stock them cause no one uses them. Next week I may just call and ask them to order some and keep them for me. I did buys a bit of HRS. Got some 3/16 round and square for warm ups. I also got 1/4 round and square. Last I got one 5/16th piece of round. The 3/16 round and square is a joke. I bent some and had my wife take a hand at straightening it, with decent luck. I bent the square along its corner, looks cool. I bent the round 1/4, it was too easy. I gave a half assed effort at the 5/16 it wants to bend for me but I didn’t bend it. i realized as i trype this that I didn’t take a whack at 1/4 sqaure so I’ll do that in a bit. I also bought 10 6″ 60D nails at the recommendation of Mr. Thor. I can try but haven’t bent them yet. I can give them a vague arch but not much that you would notice unless you look for it.

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