Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 15, 2006

Got to watch some amazing football today. I love this hard hitting smash mouth football. Much better than the light weight crap from yesterday. I alos got to the gym today.

Squat 3X3 365
calf raise 3X12 365
Front squat 4X4 185

Seems like there was something else but I have forgotten. I should have done straight leg dead lift but didn’t think of it while I was there.
Finger curl – 3X12 135
I wasn’t really trying to hit grip really big today. My forearms are a little weak from my bending fun. I’m gonna try and resist and rest them up for a day or two.
On a bending note, I plan on getting back to Home Despot tomorrow to get so HRS and those timber ties (not zip ties you bastards). I’m not sure if I’ll go to a differnt Despot or the same, but the one I was at yesterday had some square stock too so I may try and get a bit of that.