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Off Night

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 14, 2006

I was kinda dumb tonight.

I felt weak and sore, I went ahead and gave the bend a try. Normally the steel feels like it aches to be bent. Tonight it felt solid and complete. I gave it a try anyway. Dumb.
I got it bent about half way. It’s not going any further. I keep trying but it’s not going anywhere. I’m gonna leave it for a while.

Anyway, made trip to Home Despot. They kept trying to sell me zip ties for timber ties. I don’t want zip ties.
I also wanted to try and buy some steel. It was all hot rolled.

So, I’m kinda not have a great bending day from multiple angles. I’m gonna give it a rest and hit the gym tomorrow.

Oh, and I broke my camera today, so I have to get another.

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