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Feeling Groovy

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 13, 2006

So, last night after I posted I got to feeling much better. I decided after a while to give a go at breaking a nail. I decided to use the one I bent the night before. It took a bit of work, I had trouble opening it for the bend position so I held it above my head, upside down to straighten it. Then I went back to the chest crush and bent it again. It gave up before I did. It left behind jagged little edges, I still have the little bastard. I think I want to trim the sharp bits off and keep it to bend again some day. The only problem I see is that when I hold it the nail ends in the middle of my palm. I will definitly need to learn some technique before I do that.

On to tonight, in the gym
Little light chest press, high pull, light decline press, heavy dumbell row, heavy chest press.
I didn’t actually pay much attention to the dumbels I grabbed, I figured it was 80-85ish. I got my dumbell reps out. Figured i was doing pretty good since I hadn’t done these in a while. I started on the dumbell press and had to wuss out at 5 reps. I kept going with four reps for two more reps. In between sets I took a look at the dumbells. Holy Crap, They’re Hundreds!!
I remember lifting when I was in high school watching a guy in the gym I went to lift with hundreds. He missed rep and chucked them aside and stormed out. I remember then, KNOWING he was juicing, you had to be to do that. I feel pretty dumb about that now. I mean, Ihave never touched drugs and only been back after it a year and a half and find myself able to use 100s. Live and learn. It also shows either; how much I have matured or how bad my training was then. I have no idea which.

Anyways, the grip: First, I am finding it very hard not to attempt a bend tonight but my arms need the rest. Tomorrow I will get some of the spikes that Scott recommended, maybe they will have some steel there too, but I doubt it.

I decided to be nice to the wrists tonight.
Dumbell wrist curls 40lb 3X20
Reverse dumbell wrist curls 25lb 3X10

Tomorrow I will do some light levering and maybe wrist roller to warmup for a bending and hopefully breaking.

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