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Night Off

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 12, 2006

Tonight was to be my night off. At one point we had debated going to the gym but I have been fighting something today. I am getting that nasty skin crawling sensation like when you get the flu. I also have a lot of muscle soreness, that isn’t related to lifting. So that’s it for tonght. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow and make it to the gym.

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Limiting Factors

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 12, 2006
I started grip training because I found that it was my grip that was stopping me from being able to continue gaining strength in the deadlift. I wasn’t content with the idea of using straps, I wan’t to do it raw besides you can’t use straps in a powerlifting competition. It quickly made a huge difference.
Last night I revisted that experience, this time it was my fault. First, I don’t tear phonebooks, cause I don’t have any. I’m not sure if I could tear out local phonebook if I had to. I saw some very strong guys try it last weekend and if they had trouble then I have a long way to go. I do tear magazines though. I find that they are a challenge and offer a variety of resistances. Unlike a phonebook, if the cover comes off, it gets harder, not easier. So I tore through an Esquire magazine, the one with Bill Clinton on the cover. In truth it was pretty thick for a magazine, I’ve seen smaller, rural phone books that weren’t much bigger.
After that I was feeling good. I had gotten two nails over the weekend to bend. Ever since I got them I would pick them up almost each day and hold one like I was going to bend it. It felt like it just wanted to bend. Without any padding, I felt like with just a pinch more force I could get it started. So I found an old glove I had laying around that had a hole in it. I took the lining out and cut it down to just leather. I wrapped the nail and bent it. It bent much easier than the other one I had done of the same size. It felt really good. I wanted to try and bend i back and got it about half way.
About and hour after that I headed off to the gym for a dealift workout. As soon as I got there I was off my game. All the space I normallyuse for deads, cause it is the most out of the way, was taken up by people curling and watching themselves. It was ridiculous. So I set up in the middle of the weight room cause I still was going to deadlift.
As soon as I got going I noticed my grip was weak. That was when I realized Ihad screwed myself with the tear and bend earlier in the day. At 365, i was limited to one rep per set because I couldn’t grip tight enough to keep control of the bar on the second set. Deadlift wrapped up early I wanted to do good mornings. Squat racks are all busy with curling, this is stupid. So I cleaned and pressed the weight, then lowered it to my back. A mere 135. I did 12 reps. At that point one of racks came open so I stripped the bar and moved up to the rack to finish my workout. After good mornings then I started doing calf raises.
During this I got distracted because this bodybuilder/trainer they had was giving one of his clients horrible advice. This is a petite little housewife, not a powerlifter. He was telling her to get a belt a knee wraps before they did any squating or heavy lifting. I shook my head and he saw me. Nice thing was that rather than ignore me, he actually wanted to talk about it. So I explained my views, a couple other lifters in the area, who I actually get along with, chimed in t say that they felt belts were bad. Just to be nice, I wrapped up by putting my hand on his shoulder and looking at the trainee and saying, “Look, this guy is your trainer, do what he says. You don’t like what he says, get a different trainer.” She annouced that she liked her trainer and I told her that was great, but that means she needs to do it his way. I figured it was the most fair to everyone. I went on to do some rack pulls with 315 just to punish my grip a bit. I skipped the rest of the usual grip program.So to recap:
Tore a magazine
bent a nail
had no grip in the gym
pulled 315 about 10 times between dealifts and rack pulls
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