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Squats In The Hizzie

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 7, 2006

Hit the gym last night

squat 5X4 315
These were very heavy to me. I have found that I bend at the waist too much at the bottom and coming up. I ended up with a tired back at the end of these. A tired back has been a huge problem lately and I’m certain that sitting all day at work is contributing.

calf raise 3X8 315
Done with a straight bar off of twenty-five pound plates. Really my calves don’t need the work nearly as much as my core so I do these with a barbell.

straight leg deadlift 5X4 185
I like these, I probably went a little light ths time but it will go up.
During the deadlifts I did one finger curl rep at the top of each rep. makes for a total of 20 very tough reps. I did a little bit with the one handed pinch. I was able to pass two tens back and forth very easy. I got three tens up for about a fifteen count before it blew up. I was unable to get three tens with the left hand. I think it had as much to do with hand position as strength. The plates just didn’t seems to lock into my hand like they did the other day.

I also nailed some sledge work yesterday morning. I took it light because I have been slacking lately. I levered from 10″ easy. I also did some side levering and attempted some dynamic/ballistic levers front and back. I don’t really have the strength do these well yet but I’m gonna keep trying, these will be part of the plan to get ready to lever.

So at the end of this week, the first of ’06, I feel like I trained pretty well despite not taking my program to the gym with me. I will get that repaired for next week although based on some of the training I did this week, I need to update the weights a bit. As far as my resolutions, I did a great job on my flossing and got me a little moutwash. Without looking back at my resolutions I pretty much didn’t make my goals. Not a huge deal, it’s one week but one week easily becomes two then a month then six months. So I don’t want this to get away from me. I missed the levering, joint work/pilates, piano practice. I did eat pretty decent. It has been a hard habit to get rolling. I got up late once and wasn’t able to pack a lunch. Other than that I take my huge lunch bag with a salad and some kind of chicken. usually there was some yogurt in there and a breakfast sandwhich(homemade).

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