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Thuggin It In ‘06

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 4, 2006

Okay so Thuggin it is a phrase I should never use, sorry ’bout that.

Got into the gym last night. I had a plan, that’s right a plan. I had lifting program all written out to challenge myself. Once I got in there I totally forgot it. So as I look back on my sheet of paper, I see that I was to do 5X4 with 280 for deadlift as the first of my four exercises. Yep, screwed that up 5X4 335. Which pretty much did me in. So then I was supposed to do 5X4 220 of front squat. I got about 3X4 225 before failure set in. By then my back was exhausted. For other reasons I wasn’t able to just hang loose for the half an hour or so that I needed to recover so I left for the night. I guess that means that I’ll kind of wing it for the next week or so then start on the master plan after that.

Didn’t get to plate pinch for time reasons, plus my hand were fried from the deadlifting

Finger curl
135 1X8 2X6

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