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Happy New Year , You Bums

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 1, 2006

No training today, the gym is closed.

So I’m off to make the standard issue new years resolutions

Floss my teeth daily
Practice piano 3X/week

What you didn’t think my whole life revolved around grip did you? These are my resolutions for the year. Don’t worry so grip stuff will be in the rest of this.

Foci: Things I already do that I am recommitting myself to or upping to amount/frequency.
Weight training 4-5 days per week.
Appreciate my days off.
Take five consecutive days off for evey six weeks training.
Perform joint mobility and/or pilates 3x/week
Eat more than one serving of veggies every week. Sometimes I don’t eat any right now, usually I get one or two.
Levering 3-4X/week
File current grippers and purchase #2 and #3 CoC.
Thumb work 3X/week
Prepare to bend. I am planning to start bending in ’07

Ideas: These are things I want to start/ play with in ’06. I don’t have goals for these things because I have no idea what I will think of them or what benefits I will find.
Kettlebells – I got the RKC DVD. I will be starting at a gym that has kettlebells as part of their gear. I am thinking Iwill focus on the cardiovascualr benefits but I haven’t tried them yet.
Thickbars – Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I have been salivating for these for a while. I have placed June as a deadline for purchasing these. Many people have suggested making my own but I think I will buy them from Fat Bastard.
Bi-weekly strongman – I have done this once, like a month and a half ago. I am hoping to do it a lot more oftenm at least 25 times this year. I alos am thinking I may try to compete once this year. I’m sure I will be embarassed but I think it will be an awesome experience.
Plyometrics – I have the book, high powered plyometrics. I am considering trying to add these to my repertoire.
Nutrient Timing – I have the the Nutrient Timing book and want to try to use this to my advantage.
Olympic Lifting – My new gym aslo teaches a seminar on oly lifts, I hope to add these to my routine as well.
Cardio -I need to add some cardio in; could be kettlebell, jump rope, boxing (on bag only)
Recovery – I have to do a better job at this but I have not yet figured out the most benefitial way.
Bending – I am planninfg on starting this in ’07. I think Iwill strive to become a bastard. I will be watching the benders this year and trying to prepare myself for this.

CHALLENGE!! buttrock.gif
Stinkoman says: Are you offering me a Challenge!!!!!
Two hand pinch two 45’s
one hand pinch four 10’s
Strict lever my ten from the end with my left hand and get a bigger hammer.
Overhead squat the bar
Flip the big tire, Luke has ta big tire from the strongman events. I can’t flip it yet but I will.
Wrist curl 185 – this is a hard goal but I can get it.

So as you can see this year is more about learning and experimenting than huge numbers. The payoff will be there.
Oh yeah, and I need to change the name of my blog. I forgot about it. Any ideas?

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