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Last Lift In ‘05

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 31, 2005

Mediocre workout tonight: little Push press, high pull, pull ups, dips. It is hard to focus in a crap gym. It doesn’t help that, as my wife pointed out, it was “Meat Market Saturday” at the gym. What’s that, you don’t have someone to kiss when the ball drop, no prob. Just pop on over to Gold’s Gym and pick up an iron bunny for your evening. Not into iron bunnies, we have iron jack rabbits too. Take your pick. innocent.gif Anyway, grippity grip grip Wrist day Wrist curl 3X6 115 Reverse – still nursing a sore wrist from last time. 3X15 45 Levering and wrist roller to follow. I will work up the standard “New Years Resolution” post later.

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