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What A Difference A Deadlift Makes

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 30, 2005

As you may have guessed, I deadlift last night. It went fairly well. I did double overhand up to 300. Then I started tacking on fives each set. I ended up doing way more reps than I ever intended. I knocked out three reps per set of 325, 335, 345, 355. Then I got one rep at 365. In doing so the bar spun in my hand and tore some sin off. Nothing painful, just outer stuff. Fortunately for me I have been sanding my calluses down a little bit almost everyday. That could have been ugly if I hadn’t. As it was it just did my sanding for that day. I also managed to finish a workout that I haven’t finished in a few weeks; deadlift, front squat, good morning. Try it. If you go hard, you will find your lower back screaming by the time you are done.

Plat pinch – after last times Pr I wanted to give it another shot, see if i could repeat. As soon as I grabbed the plates I knew it wasn’t the same. Just holding two tens I could feel my thumb tiring. I don’t know if it was the fact I held those heavy deads to work over the grip or what but my thumbs were spent. I couldn’t even nail three tens with my right hand, honestly, two was a challenge. I wanted to do two handed but my gym only has two 35s and I couldn’t find one of them. Since I won’t make it to the gym sat or Sun I’m gonna hit my pony clamp hard tonight or tomorrow.

Finger curl
3X10 145 this went really well. Each time I would walk up to it I would wonder if I could even pick it up, I felt so exhausted. Once I pulled, it felt like nothing, really mind of matter.

New Year’s resolution – I don’t normally do those but this year I think I will. It won’t be just a resolution though, it will be a plan. I have been working it over in my head. I will post it here this weekend.

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