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Hit It And Quit It

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 26, 2005

This post is named for my tw new MP3 Playlists, maybe I’ll post them later. I spent part of my day off coming up with them. Hit it is metal, quit it is pop. It is als stolen from James Brown. What can I say, I alck origianlity.

Hit the squat. Despite Climbers well intended admonishments I wore my chucks. Sorry dude, I swear I will lear to do the olympic squat in some healed shoes. I’m not blowing you off.
Anyway, I nailed some deep squats. 3X3 365. Only problem is that I have been lazing around the house for the last couple days. I have been hunching a bit when I sit, out of lazyness. I could feel my back bend right where I slouch as I came up on the last couple reps. Good way to end up with a herniated disc. So remember kids, posture is important.

I actualy picked up my gripper today for like the first time in almost a week. nailed quick ten reps in each hand with the trainer. Then got three on the #1 with my right and about one and a half with my left. I was a little suprised by the difference but I think it was a rest thing.

Plate pinch- one handed
right 3 tens for just a sec
left 3 tens, not at all
right to left and back with two tens. Easy
right with 3 tens for about ten seconds
left with 3 tens, just barely cleared the ground
right 3 tens, got it for a quick twenty count before it exploded
left 3 tens, full ten count HUGE PR Holy crap, I have been dreaming abut doing that.

finger curl 4X8 135

yeah boooooooyyyyyyyy!

that is all

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