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Book Review: Bill Romanowski Has Something To Sell

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 25, 2005

Just finish Romo last night. It is supposed t be a candid look back at his career. Being, possibly, one of the most hated men in football makes him a unique historical character. He offers apologise for misbehaviour. Although sincere enough, not truly heartfelt. It is quite obvious that Bill views time on the football field as an entirely different life altogether. If you are not there for the pain and glory, then go somewhere else. With that he feels, apologize are unneccessary. He does address some of his other issues. Drug use, supplementation and training. In the end , there is nothing that could actually criminally implicate him. Just the fact that he tried everything under the sun, but none of it when it was banned. It becomes his story on how you should live your life, especially if you are an athlete. He goes out of his way to give us the laundry list of supplements he used, the weird therapies he tried and to tell us how he always made sure it was legal and offered it to his teammates. Then he suggest in more than one case that if you are any kind of an athlete you need to try similar. He does a little name dropping, but he did actually work with some of the best in the business. He tries to give you insight into the personalities of the business. Inevitably all the nice, good people worked with him. The bad guys never did. It finishes with what I expected from page ten. Without flipping to the back I began to tell my wife over and over, “I figure he is either starting a fitness company or a supplement company”. Bing! One of the book’s indexes tells you just that. Bill has started a supplement company. He thinks you could benefit from his years of experience and his personal line of products. He does stop short of actually telling you to buy his supps. He just tells you what supps you need to take then casually mentions that he has a small company that could provide just that. It’s not a bad book but he should have started the sale pitch earlier and let it die so I could enjoy the story.


Slow Poster

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 25, 2005

I did hit grip the other night, I just haven’t gotten around to posting. The gym is closed today and was only open really early yestaerday, so I chose to sleep instead. It was a choice, I don’t regret.

reverse wrist curl 65 3X8
wrist curl 105 3X8

I have not been doing my levering like I should. It has mostly been a time thing. I will get back after it shortly.

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