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Feel The Burn

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 20, 2005

I was feeling it yesterday and still am today. My legs are furious with me. It’s cool though.
I went to the gym last night and got some good standng chest presses in. I’m still working on the oeverhead squat but it is gettingmuch better. Thanks to a recommendation from oneof Pavel’s books I made some big improvements.

Farmer holds: this was a new one for me at the gym. Basically I thieved two ez curl bars and loaded them up. Then I would try to stand up with them. I found this especially hard because the bars are thin. I really had to try and crush it to keep it from tilting and swinging. I’m not sure how many reps I did but I did at least five good ones with 162 (assuming and ez curl bar is 22).

Finger curls: After the experence with the farmer holds, I decided to reall focus on closing the hand all the way up. I felt like my hand was cramping right up the center at the base. 3X10 135

Plate Pinch. 2 tens backand forth for five sets of twenty per hand. Too easy. I couldn’t seem to even pick up three tens. I tried four 5s and found that impossible too. I settled on three fives for a while. That seemed hard than two tens.

I will be taking tonight off as my legs are not ready for another round yet.

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