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Billy Jean Is Not My Lover

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on December 2, 2005

So I had a decent workout yesterday. I included what is for me high volume work. I did like 1X20, 2X15 bench. That kind of stuff. My body is thanking me today for it. It left me with energy to burn.

wrist roller:twice each direction with 8lbs.
traditional: 20″ then I did positives with it. I placed my hand at 25″ and rested the head on my head and just tried to pick it up off my head. The second half of the traditional movement.
rotation:8″ 2X5 with each hand
crush: I know I am going against what I usually do, but I did a little gripper work too. I did two sets of ten with the trainer and then two set of three with the number one. I couldn’t get it all the way closed on the last one with my left hand.

Other stuff
So after I made a big deal about eating right the other day, my eating has been crap. I gotta find some cold storage at work so I can bring my lunch. The good news is I haven’t had soda in a couple weeks. I have taken some nutragrains and protein bars to work. I try to eat one nutra grain at about 10 and a protein at about 2 or three. I have been good about the nutragrain but not the protein.

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