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Hell’s Bells

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 30, 2005

Had a decent legs workout yesterday including some very nice 365lb squats, always good. Tried to hit the lower back hard but didn’t get it as well as I should.

Grip time
plate pinch
70 for 25, 20
then I tried walking with them pinched, that added an interesting new element, the swing of the body. Good times.

finger curl
15 3X12
too easy

I skipped grippers for the moment. I’m gonna take my trainer to work. I will try to do thumb and my #1 when I get home.

I think I will take tonight off from the gym. My body is complaining loudly and I’m very tired from too many short nights.

addendum: my first ever post with no spelling errors according to spell check.

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