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You Gots To Commit

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 29, 2005

Alright lords and ladies, I am trying to really take things up a notch here and struggling a bit. I think I have taken my strength to a level above that of the average smuck on his couch, but I have taken as far as it will got easily. If I want to get stronger I have to actually try to get there. As proof, I offer my big three: bench, deadlift and squat. Despite my best efforts all three have actually suffered a little bit over the past two month. Admittedly, it has been a wierd two month, but I have been stuck at or below the same totals since September.

So I have tried to identify areas that are limiting factors. A process like this is what got me started in grip several months ago:
First, I took about a week and a half off from the gym, with only two or three workouts making it in. Not a huge deal, we all need these breaks occasionally, as long as not going doesn’t become a habit.
Two, stuck in a gym rut, I have e new workout that I have written out to start at the new year but I already don’t like it. I’m gonna reevaluate it.
Three, food, I don’t eat enough/correctly to support more weight. I have wobbled between 265 and 275 for the most part for several months. I guestimate about 40+lbs of that to be fat. I figure I could and should try and lose about 20lbs of that fat, and hopefully bring muscle into its place. As Scott pointed out to me in a PM, this may be hard with my new job. That won’t stop me from trying but it does mean I need to start doing some cardio, I’m thinking sled drags. I am also trying to increase my protein intake. Yesterday I tried to start this by taking a some celery stalks and peanut butter sandwiches to work with me for snacks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get time to eat them as snacks and found time short at lunch, so the became the entirety of my lunch, not much. I have als been trying to lay off the soda as that stuff is extremely unhealthy for all carbon based life forms.
Last, sleep, I suck in this area. I tend to sacrifice sleep first. So I’m not as committed to making this change, yet but I ‘m trying to figure out how I would go about it if I was.

Anyway that kinda covers my thoughts this fine morning. I did hit the gym last night and got in some wrist curls
5 reps w/115
2X10 w/95

3X12 w/45

I did not do my wrist roller or levering due to time constraints. I realize I could have done that instead of write all of the above but it’s early and I’m not quite up to it yet. I’m gonna try and do levering right when I get home tonight.

I think I got my geustimations wrong in this one. I said I weigh 270ish with 40lbs of fat and want to remove 20 or it. Yeah, that is an understatement. I actually would guess I have more like 60-70 lbs of fat and need to remove at least 30 of it. I haven’t had a body caliper in about two years. At that time I had 190lbs of lean mass. That was before I started powerlifting. I know I have added some, but have no idea how much. Either way, I could stand to lose at least 30lbs.

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