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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 27, 2005

Just figured I would update the blog. I have indeed slacked off this week. I have committed to getting back into the gym next week. I did hit a workout in that I didn’t log on here and have been using grippers intermittently.

On to the good news…

barring a major change of schedule, I will be participating in strongman training to day. AAAAAAHHHH RRIIIGHT!

So I will definitely log that here.
I have written a new training program and I need to get a little peer review on that and I really need some kind of cohesive planned grip program but I’m finding that a little harder to come up with. I haven’t looked back at my posts to seen when I started this but I think I have been gripping for like three or four months now. I have seen moderate gains in some lifts and great gains in others.

I’m thinking the nature of this blog may change to. With the new year I think I may start including all my lifts in here. I will continue to include my grip training, and will continue to train grip. I just want to have a log of the other stuff as well.

Anyway, I have rattled on for a while now. look for my next post, it should be cool.

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