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I Love Levering

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 21, 2005

So the post says it all. Right now, this week, levering is my favorite thing to do. I have been warned that progress is slow and I can see why, so I am trying to keep my sanity, but I really like it, a lot.

Yesterday I did a very strange chest(?) routine that didn’t go so hot, on to grip.

Wrist curls
3X20 65 too easy, I don’t know what I was thinking going this light, I think I was unmotivated after the funky workout
Reverse Wrist Curl
3X20 45 These are a challenge, but I like them

Wen home and took a break for a while, watched a little football.

Wrist roller
8 lbs X2 each way. I find this one tough but need to go up in weight as well. I’m trying to figure out a good progression scheme. Especially ’cause i do this at home where I don’t have weight plates, just a few dumbbells.

Rotations 8″ X 5 each side
Upside down rotations 4″ X5 each side
Front to back(levering) 8″ X5

Now it is time to get going to work, today is the first day of my new job at John’s Hopkins. Today I start my two day orientation wacko.gif which I am not particularly excited about. I bought a notebook yesterday so I can work out anew lifting program.
In other news, I finally tried Pilates last night. I am so inflexible I can’t do a lot of it. I can’t lie on my back and bring my feet over my head. I had my wife pick up my feet to make sure it wasn’t just and ab strength issue. even when they got over my head, they can’t touch the floor. I may have to break down and take some yoga classes.

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