Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 19, 2005

So I have been slacking a bit on my grip this week. Did grip on Tuesday, took Wed and Thur off from the gym for a couple different reasons. Hit the gym last night and did the grip stuff I was supposed to there, but I’m skipping the gym again tonight. I guess I should really think about getting one cohesive grip workout that I can do entirely at home for just this reason. Meh, on to the grip stuff from last night… Plate Pinch: Forgot to bring my string for strap holds. So I opted to try the 45s. I could barely clear the floor twice for even a second. So I opted for using a reverse grip (leaned over the two plates standing on end and reached out with an underhanded grip so my thumbs were toward my head and my fingers were toward my feet). I took this grip very close to center on the plates, but just above it. Then I picked them up and held them for about ten seconds. I did about 4 reps of this. Finger curl: 3X12 135 I think these are going really well for me and I want to keep pushing the weight as I feel like these are the most beneficial for my supporting grip. I didn’t do my gripper or clamp stuff and should have, I will try to make it a priority tonight. I’m thinking about ordering a couple extra grippers to take to work. I’ll actually have a desk job and will need to extra hand work to keep awake. I have also considered some resistance bands, but I think that may be impractical and weird. Time will tell. In other news I may have the opportunity to start doing some strongman training occasionally in the next few weeks. I found one of Gripboard’s own in the area that has access to the equipment. This could be cool.

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