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Bad Bench, Bad

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 12, 2005

I’m just a little annoyed because I took a shot at the 350 max bench again today. I know I lost some strength during the move but I just felt awesome today. So I tried and as alway I failed. I need to just not think about it for a while, try to work up to a double with 345 or something.

On to grip
Wrist curls: 3X8 95lbs
Reverse wrist curls: 3X8 55
Sledge rotation: 6″ five to each side, upside down and right side up with each hand. That makes twenty total repetition with each hand. I found it very tough.
Levering: 6″ five reps right side up and upside down, one rep is from vertical to the top being out past the hand then back through vertical and past the hand toward the body, finally back to vertical.
Sledge Deadlift: 10″ five reps with the head to each side of each hand, that’s ten reps per hand.

I forgot to take my wrist roller to the gym today so I need to go hit that real quick, that’ll be two reps counterCW and two reps CW with an eight pound dumbbell attached.

Also last night I hit grip real quick before bed. I found my hands were tired so I ended up doing five negatives with each hand on my CoC #1 and my spring clamp.

I think that covers it for now. I may take tomorrow off, I haven’t decided.

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Mind Over Matter

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 12, 2005

I just want to take a moment and get something off my chest. This is nothing new and I’m not visionary in any way for typing it.

When training, the mind is some much more important than the body. If your mind is not in the right place then you aren’t either. We all have different issues that nag in our brains: failure, women, money, work. When it comes time to train those must go away.
Several days ago I was squatting and attempting 275 for 5X5. Not a huge challenge, I have done it before with little trouble. Recently I changed homes and gyms and had to leave behind my productive gym of Colorado for a Gold’s Gym sad.gif . This gym does not have the same amazing vibe or as good of equipment. For some reason while training on the fourth rep of the third set, I let the idea of not finishing the rep enter my brain. I just had this momentary image of the bar pushing me down until it rested on the safety supports.
Immediatly, I noticed a difference. The bar didn’t feel any heavier but it was suddenly like my muscles chose to not contract any further. Soon enough I felt myself slowly sinking toward the floor. The bar came to rest on the supports and I had to do the walk of shame, backing out with my ass up and head down because I failed to move this weight. It was truly frustrating.
Last night I was rocking and rolling on squats. I was making up some of my previous losses on squat. I got the 315 and thought that would be good. It felt to easy so I didn’t let it count and went to 335. I had a moment of doubt before stepping into the rack but immediatly cleared it with images of me squatting the weight easily. Soon I had a couple people watching me. I couldn’t resist adding another ten and knocked out three solid, deep sets of two with a full and total stop at the bottom (something I have not had in the past). It was awesome and it was purely mental. Honestly I felt I could have just kept on going up and each rep would have been completed.
I just wanted to put all that in writing. I really do believe in the power of positive thinking and nothing has taught me more about it than lifting. I have started, over the last six months or so, to use it in everyday lift. I really can’t explain the difference that a little perspective puts on thing but it is amazing. I don’t care how a person goes about it (belief in karma, luck or God) but try to think of things in that way and you will find yourself so much better off.

Thanks for letting me say that.

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