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Work It Girl

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 8, 2005

hy the hell did I title this “work it girl”? I have no idea.

Did a pleasant chest routine yesterday. I’m trying to be creative but it is hard Some days.

anyway, wrist day…
Wrist curls 3X12 75lbs

revers 3X10 55
really had to grind out those last couple.

Other grip news. Todays mission is new toys. I am going to Home Depot. I’m not leaving without a freaking sledge. Additionally I’m gonna see about three feet of three inch PVC. Making me a wrist roller. I would also like to get some of those clamps used for the thumb training. If I get my act together I post some photos.

One of these days I need to take some community college classes and learn to weld, there are so many things I would like to do with that.

In other news I finally got a job offer. It was worth the wait. Instead of taking the50% paycut I expected, I’m getting 70% pay raise. I managed to wriggle my way into a job in which I have no freaking clue what I’m doing, but I’m gonna learn and do it damn well. Watch out John’s Hopkins, here I come.

I also finally found my Chuck Taylors and CoCs so that is very good. That reminds me I saw some grippers at Target. They were labeled as “light” resistance. I could pinch them with my index and thumb. My wife closed them easily, they really weren’t worth the effort to make. Unless you are involved in serious rehab you shouldn’t need that light of resistance.

So I have prattled on for a while. I need to do a rant label post and just put all ts crap out there instead of making you wade through it on my grip posts. Anyway ciao.

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