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Losing Weight Too Fast

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 7, 2005

I know this a is a grip post but I just weighed myself. I’m down from 272 naked to 257 in jeans and a t-shirt. That is not good. Now I know why I felt weak at the gym. Time to get back to my protein shakes. You know it’s weird ’cause I year ago I was trying to lose weight and couldn’t. Now I’m trying to gain and that’s a fight too. Anyway….

Did legs yesterday. Some bastard came inand started doing some 590 lb squats. Very impressive, except he forgot to move. These weren’t even true walkouts. He would bend his knees a fraction then straighten up. Some tiny guy looked at me and said “I don’t even know why I bother”. I told him “Don’t worry about it we all started there, plus he hasn’t completed a single rep yet”.

Onward to grip
Plate pinch: It was freaking humid and I was sweating like a pig so 35s were all I could muster. I tried 45s but there was no chance in hell.

Finger Curls: 115 for three sets of 12. Nice

Hedgie update: I’m still feeding the little guy. He is acting like he feels better but still won’t eat. If he’s not eating by Wednesday I will take him to the vet again. hate to have to put him down but I can’t keep getting up all hours to feed him and I don’t think it would make a good life for him

Baltimore move update: I am finally getting over the shock of moing to Baltimore and starting to like it here. I know I have bitched too much and I’m sorry but it’ll get better.

Gee there is so much more I want to write today but I’ll leave it at that.

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