Anvil or Hammer


Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on November 3, 2005

So yesterday was the worst. My hedgehog bit off part of his tongue and got blood all over his house. My wife found him after I left for an interview. She had to find a vet and get him there, all in city she doesn’t know. So I skipped the gym.

Today was much better. First, I should mention that in the meantime Scott Styles was willing to field some of my bitching, so thanks Scott.

Today I hit the gym at about four and it was practically empty. I did a deadlift day and took some pleasure in making a little noise in there. On to grip.

Plate pinch:
two 35’s were easy for three sets of 20. Could be mental, could be that was using standard plates instead of my beloved old hamptons.

Finger curl:
Also and easy 3X20

Didn’t do wrist curls becuase I did them last time. I think I’m gonna do wrist one day and grip the other. Especially after I get my sledge.

I also did a lot of holding the barbell throughout the workout. I even did some rack pulls and just held it for as long as I could. Then worked my way down in weight.

All around amuch better day.

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