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Your Number Is One

Posted in Grip by Mike on October 20, 2005

I did an abbreviated (abbr.) workout last night. I first stopped by a friends house to help him move furniture. I always think I have too much crap, then I see his place. So that ended up being a little workout in itself.

Deadlift up to 365 then I began to go down, holding the weight as long as I could
365 – 20 seconds, 2 reps
315 – 30, 30, 20
275 – 20, 14
225 – 30, 30, 30

Wrist roller with ten pounds, rolled counter clockwise from an overhand grip three times and rolled it clockwise from the same grip twice.

Wrist curls 65lb 3X15
Reverse wrist curl 45 (olympic bar) 2X15 1X10

Those last couple reverse did not want to happen.

So that was my short workout. I enjoyed it quite a bit and feel I got significant work done. I’m off to my very last day ever at my current job. It is very weird.

Scott Styles, is getting ready to compete this weekend I think. He’s got better things to do than read my blog but I wanna give him good thoughts and good luck for the competition. Stay safe and lift big.

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