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The Same But A Little Different

Posted in Grip by Mike on October 17, 2005

Did a decent dealift workout last night. I focused on holding the bar for 30 seconds on each rep. Ths was part of the preparation for my new program that will start with the new year. That was a workout in itself. The best part is toward the end when your hands open against your will. Slowly bu surely the bar sinks and your hands are pried open and the bar rest now in your fingers not in the palm of your hand.

A few minor changes here. I skipped the pinch part in favor of some more holds (just holding the barbell).

Holds/Rack Pulls: loaded 225 on the bar and tried to hold it for four reps of a sixty count on each. I lost the third one right before sixty. The last one I got to forty and went back for twenty more. In between I did light reverse wrist plate curls with a ten. These were more to stretcht he flexors than to get a workout.

Reverse wrist curls – these were easy. Did a wide grip for three sets of twenty with the short, straight barbell.

Wrist curls – Also easy. Regular barbell for three sets of twenty. It’s interesting I figured I would have trouble with these because of all the holds. It is aazing how little effect the holds hand on my wrist strenth. When you do your own program you need to train these muscles as if they are totally unrealted, becuase they are. They share a similar anatomical location but that is it. There is no other crossover between them.

Reverse wrist roller – O really enjoy this one. I changed my routine a bit. First 15 lbs. that I could barely get up. Then then for up and down and finally five for up and down. It was incredibly hard to hold the 3″ pipe and roll it. My hands were spent.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow I think I will return to the regular program. Time will tell.

EDIT: I actually wrote this a couple days ago and forgot to hit the publish button. Sorry about that.

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