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Last Night’s Deadlifts And Other Powerlifting

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 6, 2005

So this is basically about last nights deadlifts because they were fun and very exciting for me. As I have constantly bitched, I have a bit of a sore back yet so I’m being very slow and gentle in rehabing it. Last night was the first time I felt strong during my workout

Deadlift day:
3X3X315 (work sets)

It was a great feeling to get back over three hundred. I felt like I could easily go higher but wanted to be cautious.

Walking Lunges
20(per leg)X80

Did these with forty pound dumbbells. Lunges are not a usual part of my program but they are fun to throw in occasionally. They make the hams and glutes hurt in a way I like. I think they get a deeper stretch and resistance than usual. It’s not really a standard powerlifting exercise, but this isn’t really a standard powerlifting workout.

Calf Raises

I do these with a barbell on my back like a squat position and with my toes on standard olympic plates. For this time I went without the plates and went very light. This exercise is very hard on the core so since I am protecting my back I took it easy.

Broken on the Wheel

I don’t know what over people call this. It’s a little wheel (maybe six or eight inches in diameter) with a handle out to either side from the hub. You get on your knee(or toes if you’re a bad man) and wheel it away from you to extend your body and use you abs to crunch your body back up and bring the wheel back. I used to do 3X15 on this but have not done abs since the back thing. The bracing of my abdomen (increasing intrabdomenal pressure) causes the most pain out of anything. That is part of why this was cut shorter.

Anyway that was my nice easy dealift workout. It felt good and I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait the get back up to four hundred. My squat has suffered even more from my injury so that’ll be a whole different project.

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Acht, Heute Abend

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 6, 2005

Hit number eight tonight, seems like more.

Great deadlift workout, I think I may post that sometime tomorrow.

I wanted a little more out of this grip workout. First, I was feeling great and wanted to push harder and second, I have seen signs of stagnation already.

Plate Pinch – Still with the 35 lb hamptons. Really hard to hold for fifteen seconds. I actually went for a fourth set. This was, I believe, my best set. I could feel the plates slip throughout each set. They never came apart they just gradually made their way toward the ground.

Finger curls – Went with a shoulder with grip. Decided the go the extra mile and hit a total rep of fifty, five more than usual. I also decided to add the five reps to the last set. This commitment to 20 reps wouldn’t let me quit at 12. I took it to fifteen shook the hands quickly and went on with five more.

Wrist curls/Reverse wrist curls – I did these a little different. I wider than usual, shoulder width. I feel this much more proximally (toward elbows). I wonder if anyone knows what kind of actually result differences one might see. At this time I might recommend that everyone rotate the different hand spacings on all these exercises. I also threw in one extra set of each.

This was a great overall workout. It added that spice that I needed to keep from slipping backward. I think this will carry me through the weeks ahead to get to Baltimore.

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