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Workout Seven, Working Out On A Schedule

Posted in Grip by Mike on October 4, 2005

I lied, I went to the gym yesterday. I went from work to the gym and the gym to a meeting I had. I had long but great night.

The gym was packed which could make for a great post all by itself. I love to people watch. I went through the most abbreviated bench workout I have ever done. Then I tried to squeeze in grip. You could say I was semi successful.

Plate pinches – a return to my lovely Hampton Plates. I think there has to be an inch difference between pinching these and the Standard Olympic Plates. I had a lot of trouble with this. I was able to dead lift them pretty well but I couldn’t hold them for even a fifteen count each time.

Finger curls – These were much easier than usual. I played with hand position a bit. It seems the easiest hand position to use is a natural shoulder width. I tried to stay a little wider than that.

Wrist curls – Pretty easy. Did them with the olympic barbell as always

Reverse Wrist Curls – It was getting packed so I moved to a different area and used dumbells. The movement seemed kind of clumsy for the first set but it got better after that. I used dumbells marked as 17 1/2 lbs. for no particular reason. This was too light.

That was it for time in the gym. I tried to keep it under 50 minutes and was successful at it.

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