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#6 – “i’m Not A Number I’m A Free Man”

Posted in Grip by Mike on October 3, 2005

Sorry about the prisoner refernce that almost no one got.

I was visiting the in-laws this weekend. Final visit before the big move. On Saturday I took a little trip ove the the YMCA during the Nebraska game, hoping to have the place to myself. Not quite as empty as exected but pretty empty. Got to watch a bunch of highschoolers come in and look retarded. I did a quick and dirty legs routine so I could get down to the reason I was really there – Grip.

Plate pinches – they didn’t have my beautiful hampton plates so I had to resort to Standard Olympic plates that most gyms have. The thirty-fives made for an easy pinch with very sweaty hands. I saw they had some gym chalk there. I was considering going for two forty-fives or three tens in one hand but resisted temptation.

Finger curls – went well. From what I recall I did not have to rest per usual in the last set. Got my usual pump. It was so great that I couldn’t put my hand flat on a wall at chest level. My wrists simply couldn’t go that far. It wasn’t an injury, my forearms were just freakishly pumped with blood. Most of which was gone before I walked home.

Wrist curls/reverse wrist curls – these went well. I tried to get a greater range of motion out of them. That does make it considerably harder but from what I hear it can be a little dangerous for tendons, so be careful. They had a decline bench that was not being used. I found this has to be the best setup ever for these. Sit on it with you back the where the bar is racked. rest your wrist on the pad that goes under your thighs and do the wrist curls about where the lower thighs or knees would be.

Anyway that was a decent workout. I have found that whenever I see a York dumbell I can’t help but look it over, see how my hand fits on the blob portions. This is especially weird because I’m not terribly concerned about blob lifting at this time.

I will probably not be going to the gym tonight, so I’ll do my grip tomorrow. Next week I will be in Baltimore for half the week and do not have a gym there yet so next week may be light on the grip work or I may take my grippers and leave them at my new apartment so I at least have them to work with while I am there.

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