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Explaining My Back Injury?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 27, 2005

It’s a slow night at work so I have some time. Not a good time to do contrast baths so I will make good on one of my other promises and use that time for a future contrast bath.

Okay first, the back thing I have been complaining about. I did it about a week and a half ago now. It still gets sore but isn’t bad. Basically I was deadlifting in my brand new Chuck Taylors and was psyched. So far I had maxed out at 335. That night I pulled a nice 350 but almost dropped it on myself. I realized that I could pull more but my hands couldn’t hold it. So I went to the desk and got some straps. I pulled 360, 370, 380 then 405. It was the 405 that got me.
I didn’t even know something had happened. I went over to the power rack to start my calf raises. I loaded an easy 225 with the intent of heading up past 405 on this as well. I got under the weight, simply trying to unrack it about dropped me to my knees. It was weird, it was kinda in my back but kinda in my sides.
I quit for the night. When I got home I got out my balance ball and did somes stretching and rolling around on it. I felt okay, then I tried to get up.I almost fell over, just standing was agony. I tried to make my way to the bathroom for a hot bath to limber up the muscles. my knee buckled with every step with my right leg.
The bath didn’t help, so I called someone from work to let them know that there was no way I could come into work the next morning. Sure enough, the next morning I was in huge pain. train to walk, stand, sit or even lie there hurt, a lot. I took Ibuprofen and had my wife get some ice ready.
So I layed around almost all day, eventually I did make my way out to the living room. The real breakthrough came when I went to use the computer. After I got out of my office chair, I felt really good. That soon went away but I found that chair was a great remedy to the pain. I spent another day alternating treatments. Since then I have been going to work, I took a week off from the gym. Now I am back but taking things light.
Since then I have come to realize that it wasn’t really my back that was the real problem. It does have some minor damage. It seems the real problem is in my obliques. I think that because I don’t use a belt I over exerted my obliques with simple intraabdominal pressure. The oter possiblity is that my back started to give and other parts of my core tried to take up the load and that’s when the real trouble started.
Either way I am healing up and hopefully will be back to full strength in a month.

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