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Workout Four

Posted in Grip by Mike on September 26, 2005

I hit the gym this morning, with massive time constraints. This may have been a good thing. With the whole back thing I needed to keep my squat workout short.

It left me feeling fresh and ready for grip:
Plate pinch, I stayed with the thicker hampton plates, they make this incredibly challenging for me. It is amazing how a centimeter or two of extra with makes somthing easy so much harder. I need to remember to take a ruler or something in with me and measure the different brands of plates.
Finger curls, have I mentioned before that I love this exercise. I try to use a little overcrush* on it just to get it right. I nail the first two sets the last one was very tough. I had to set the bar down in the middle as my hand would no longer close. This exercise causes such an amazing pump in my forearms, I feel like the grow by half in thickness and look like a massive arrowhead shape. I realize this is mostly in my mind but that is were it is most useful anyway.
Wrist curls/reverse wrist curls, these are too easy now. I get a little burn but there is little actual effort in the curling motion. I think I may add another set of these in a couple workouts.

Just to update you on my thoughts. I have less than a month until I move. The move will take at least week out of my training and my life. I’m going to stay with the same workout and the same weights until then. After I get settled in my new gym I think I may introduce some new elements to my program. I’m going to take a post some time in the next couple weeks and think out loud about my goals and how to achieve them. Hopefully I will get some feedback here in the blog to leave for “future generations”.
I will also take a couple posts over the next month and talk about powerlifting, something I have neglected so far. I will talk about how I am rehabing my back and what I will do when I’m ready to get after it again. This portion will be for a couple reasons 1) places my grip program in context to what I am doing with the grip I earn 2)I’m sure there will be other powerlifter/grip newbies that pass through this board. Hopefully they will find it a valuable resource.

*Definition for the newbies: when you do any crushing exercise (finger curls, grippers, etc) and squeeze as hard as you can at the end as if you were still crushing it further.

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  1. Andrew said,


    Dreams come a size too big so that we may grow into them…

  2. Mike said,

    The above got marked as spam. I have no idea if it is or not but there is no links that I can see so I let it through, seems like a decent quote to me.

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