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Second Grip Workout

Posted in Grip by Mike on September 21, 2005

Hit the gym again yesterday. Still doing a very light deadlift/squat workout to help my body recover from some earlier mistakes.
I went through my workout then started my gip workout. I found it easier than I expected. I suspect that the beginner to grip training gets a neurological benefit before getting a huge muscle strength benefit. Further, I suspect that the result in grip training is better than in most overall training programs because it is so focused.
First I did my two plate inches, I started with two 25s, this seemed way to easy. I kicked it up to two 35s. That was perfect. I felt like gravity was about to rip them from my hands at 20 seconds. On the third set I only got to 15 before losing to gravity. I was able to knock out another set with the 25s. Definitely too light.
On to finger curls, these are my very favorite exercise out of this program. Used a clean grip with 95 lbs. I knocked out sets of 15 – 20 with a good feeling and a fire raging in my forearms. I need to try and stay with these weights for a month, but I really want to get crazy with this exercise.
On to wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. These are my least favorite part of the program. No slam on the program, we all have our favorites and I think these are incredibly important. The good part is that I can’t help but think about bending while I do these. So I knocked out easy sets of 20 with the olympic bar. Then I used a short straight bar for my reverse curls. I left the plates of because I really need to work on my form for these. I focused on holding the bar with my whole hand and keeping my hands from rolling out.

Overall the program is going great and I feel great. I’m trying to be patient, but i am just itching to get in there and go crazy with grip.

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