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First Grip Workout

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 18, 2005

I did it. Today was my first grip workout using the new system.
I will try to limit any discussion of my powerlifting routine in entries under the grip heading except to put a context on the grip work. So today I was doing a very light day to try and work off a muscle pull from last week. This also allowed me some extra energy to work with grip weights to determine what is good for me.

Two hand pinch lift:
I started out with two 25s, I sat them on the floor facing each other and grabbed them basically at 3 and 9 on the clock and picked them up. Easy on the grip, hard on the upper back. I then did the same with two 35s and two 45s. Then I realized this was not the best arrangement for a grip exercise. I set the two 45s on the ground and grabbed them at basically 11 and 1. Would not budge. I went down to the 35s. I was able to lift and hold for about a count of 20. Knowing the way I count, that’s actually probably 15 seconds. I tried for a second attempt but couldn’t really get it off the ground. I think if I’m gonna do thre sets I will have to move down to 25.
I think doing the 3 and 9 version of this exercise would be sweet if you want to work trap and rear delts more than the grip.

O-bar finger curls:
I started with a narrow grip, inside the knurling, thinking this would emphasize the weaker fingers. This did not seem to be the case. I went to more of a clean grip, with my pinkies on the rings and found this to be the feeling I was looking for. Using this grip 95 lbs seemed about appropriate for 3X15. This caused a huge pump in the muscles up by my elbows, the flexors. It felt good.

2 hand wrist curls:
Using a standard olympic bar I found this exercise to be tough. By this point I have very little left in the forearms. It was hard to not want to curl with the biceps, I had to focus on isolating the forearm muscles. I felt a little twinge of pain in my left wrist at the top of the motion, I think this was because of my injury about a month or so ago to this wrist.

2 hand overhand wrist curl:
For this one I dropped down to an EZ curl bar. In hindsight a small straight bar may have been a better option. I was able to use a five on each side to complete these. It’s a difficult manuever. The other issue for me was mobility. I have a horrible range of motion and need to work on this. Because of my lack of flexibility I found my hand rolling out and my thumbs doing all the work to support to bar.

I then chose to cooldown with the homemade wristroller they have at the gym. It uses about a 3″ pvc pipe. I put only a five on there and went up and down twice. Pretty easy, just cooling down.

Two hand pinches: 3X15 sec w/ 25s
Finger curls: 3X15 w/ 95
Wrist curls: 3X15 w/45
Reverse wrist curls 3X15 w/ 32

I’ll keep the weights all the same for about a month, then I’ll try to bump it up.

so let me know what you all think.

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