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My Powerlifting Progam

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 17, 2005

Round three kiddies,

This should be the last preliminary round. After this I will actually do something, but till then YACK YACK YACK.
As mentioned before I am brand new to the sport of powerlifting. Just started preparing for it back in about February/Marchish. I’v had some great progress so far, but also some setbacks.
Roses: I have slapped on some mass and lost some body fat in a happy and, if I may say so, sexy way. I pushed my bench from 235 on a smith machine to 350 raw and free. My squat went from about 225 to 400 and lastly my dealift went from nonexistant (I literally had never done it) to 350 raw and 400 with straps. I learned of and am starting grip training.
Thorns: I had no plan for anything, I just went in and did what I felt like. I got to one point where I was actually attempting a max bench every chest session, stupid. Lastly, I have injured myself three times. The first was my back and was due to inexperience. The second was my wrist, strike two for inexperience. Third, my back again and I knew better this time. No excuses.
Buds:So much. First, I will start my official grip training tomorrow, with a plan. Second, my back is feeling better than earlier this week, I start my rehab lifting plan tomorrow. Third, when I go full strength again, that too will have a plan.

So that is the barebones of my powerlifting experience so far. I should also say that I have not yet competed in a meet. I originally set myself a goal of 1500 pound total but since then I have decided that this early in the game, competing is more important than winning. Later, when I have a feel for it, then I can get strategy involved in my meets.

So for my future in powerlifting….
I will be doing some light work for the next few weeks. I have actually signed up for an unofficial bench meet in a month. Then I will be busy with the move. Once I’m in Baltimore, it will be a huge priority to find a gym and get started. I’m still constructing my program and will probably post it here for critque when I have it. Then the sky is the limit.

On a side note, with GGC going on today. I’m thinking I should go net year. I won’t be even close to the numbers they are pulling out today but it might be nice for other noobs to see what I can do after only a year of training. Feedback on that would be appreciated.

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Beginning Grip

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 17, 2005

Now it is time to get down to the business of Gripping. I am doing the program that is kept in the FAQ. I will try to outline it here, personally I recommend you read the original as well, just to double check my interpretation. Thanks got to Davidhorne for composing this originally

Exercises 1. Two Hands Pinch Lift for holds, also use work gloves to protect your skin.

2. Finger curls with an Olympic Bar, overhand grip. Hold it on the last set when you can’t do anymore finger curls.

3. Two Hand Wrist Curl. Normal, with a comfortable range of motion. Do not let the bar go into your fingertips like some bodybuilders do, also do them with your thumb under the bar as you are training your wrists and don’t want to fight against the thumb digit on top of the bar.

4. Two Hands Reverse Wrist Curl. Do the Pinch holds for 10-15 secs, and the other exercises for 15-20 reps. How often? I would do them 3 times a week if you can, but twice a week if struggling with this.

EDIT Hope this helps,


To add to this program I have a CoC T and 1. Right I am trying to do 3X3 on the Trainer and 3X1 on the #1. I realize this is intensly low volume. At this point I am doing it mostly to condition my hands. After a month or two of this beginner program listed above I will undertake the process of try to climb the “CoC Mountain”. I also do some daily hand health work. I have a pair of the chinese relaxation balls that I will use, in only the underhand grip for now. I do some resistance against my wrist just to stretch. My grip program will be on my squat/deadlift day. I will cover more of that part of my program in my next blog entry.

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