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In The Beginning….

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on September 16, 2005

All right lads and lasses, this is it, grip training from the beginning.

This blog will be dedicated to starting from near 0 and climbing as high as I can take it.

Me so far:
My name is Michael Amos and today I live in Greeley, CO. It’s a stinky, cow town in the front range of Colorado. I train at a gym called Workout West. Soon I will be moving to Baltimore, MD where I will be finding a new gym and new training opportunities.
I got started lifting about 12 years ago, when I was 14. I had been a super chubby middleschooler and for some stupid ass reason decided to go out for wrestling. So I went to a summer camp and had a great time and started to lift. Later that fall I was asked to join our football team, not because I was good. Mostly because they had 12 players left and really needed someone else to fill in. So I continued on with football and wrestling until my senior year. I was never great but I gave it everything and managed to make and impression on a few players.
Then it was off to college. There I had a great lifting partner, RJ. Huge guy, played linebacker for the college team. Unfortunately I did not adjust to college well and got depressed and quit training. So I floundered in college for a while, moved around to different colleges a bit and decided I needed to join the army. So I signed on as a reservist. I hated it. I quit as soon as I could.
During all this a I met a hot chick and convinced her was an okay guy. She moved from Des Moines, IA where we lived to Greeley, CO so I did too. Out here I found a posh job working in the local hospital and decided nursing was the way to go for me. So I went back to school to work on nursing.
While attending UNC I decided I was way too out of shape and it was time to get started lifting again. That was about 18 months ago. So I trained at the school gym in a very similar fashion to how I always have and had pretty good success. Somewhere along the way I started thinking about powerlifting and started to study lifting more than I ever had.
Since then I have moved gyms and as I said before I will be moving domiciles. I have achieved some lifts that I have enjoyed and I have learned of grip training. I first learned of the concept by reading John Borokfield’s books. Great books and a great starting point if you are new to the game. I then learned of gripboard and it has been nothing but warm fuzzies since then.

In my next post I’ll link to the workout I will be doing and tell you more about my grip status and goals. With any luck this will go on for a long time and we’ll all learn a thing or two.

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