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100 x 40

This is a list I am working on of 100 goals/feats/milestones. It is loosely based on the infamous 60/60 of Chris Rice. He’s got 60+ goals he has set for himself to achieve by the time he reaches 60, and appears to be well on his way. This list is more of just a list of potential goals. I set 40 as the guideline for when I want them achieved. This list is more for my reference and will be added to over time. It may even change in structure. The only rule I will make about it is that I can’t take away from it. If I don’t make a goal, then I don’t make it. It sits on the list as a lesson. I probably won’t employ Chris’s selection method either, a dart board. For me, and my early stage in the game, it’s more of a progression. You can also see, I’m not done yet. I’m still trying to come up with the last 30 or so goals. That’s ok by me too. Feel free to browse, comment even offer a suggestion to add to it.

  1. Squat 700
  2. Squat 2.5 X bodyweight
  3. Deadlift 700
  4. Deadlift 2.5 X bodyweight
  5. Clean and Jerk 250
  6. Clean and Jerk 1.5 X Bodyweight
  7. Standing Press 250
  8. Standing Press Bodyweight
  9. Snatch 200
  10. Snatch 75% bodyweight
  11. Overhead Squat 200
  12. Overhead Squat 75% Bodyweight
  13. Press the Beast
  14. Pistol the Beast
  15. Pull up the Beast
  16. Snatch the Beast
  17. The Beast Challenge
  18. SS Kettlebell Challenge
  19. 10K Sledge Lever
  20. Lift the Blob
  21. Tear a phonebook
  22. Tear a deck of cards
  23. 250 KB snatches in 10 minutes 24K
  24. pistol
  25. one arm pullup
  26. one arm push up
  27. 100 pushups consecutively
  28. 2 10lb sledge hammer deadlift (one hand)
  29. Bend a horseshoe
  30. roll a frying pan
  31. One arm barbell snatch 100K
  32. 2″Dumbell snatch 100K
  33. One arm barbell deadlift 300lbs
  34. Double overhand deadlift 600lbs
  35. 2″ barbell deadlift 600lbs
  36. 2″ barbell double overhand deadlift 400lbs
  37. 2″ dumbell deadlift 250lbs
  38. 3″ dumbell deadlift 100lbs
  39. run 6 minute mile
  40. run 10 K under 45 minutes
  41. bike 100 miles in one day
  42. Bend the Red
  43. Bend the Bastard
  44. Pinch Deadlift 3 twenty – fives
  45. Pinch Deadlift 2 forty – fives
  46. Lift a bodyweight stone to my back
  47. Place a 300lb stone on a platform belly height or higher
  48. Lap a stone >= 350lbs
  49. Squat Lock out 1000lbs
  50. Hand and thigh lift 1200
  51. Deadlift Lock Out 1000lbs
  52. Powerlifting total of 1500 lbs
  53. Olympic total of 2.5X Bodyweight
  54. Farmer deadlift 800lbs
  55. Farmer Walk 50′ 600lbs
  56. Yoke Walk 50′ 900lbs
  57. Sandbag deadlift 400lbs
  58. Sandbag Clean 350
  59. Sandbag Clean and Press 300lbs
  60. Front Carry 50′ 600lbs
  61. Front Squat 500lbs
  62. Rafter Pull up
  63. Steinborn lift 315
  64. 2″ Dumbell Clean and Jerk 150lbs
  65. Barbell Jerk 350lbs
  66. Close the Coc 3
  67. Concept II sub 3:00/1,000 meters
  68. Concept II sub 17:00/5,000 meters
  69. Concept II sub 35:00/10,000 meters
  70. 100 KB snatches in 5 minutes 32K
  71. Bench Press 400lbs
  72. 25 Handstand Pushups
  73. 50 Ring Dips
  74. 75 Ring Pushups
  75. Resting Heart Rate < 50bpm (measured by a heart rate monitor)
  76. Bottom ups press 40K Kettlebell
  77. Two Hands Anyhow total 300lbs
  78. 80K Gardner Lift (Barbell Turkish Get Up)
  79. Bottom Position Squat 550lbs
  80. Military Bench (Bodyweight for reps) X 25
  81. Lift the inch
  82. Long Cycle single 24K 32K kettlebell 200 reps in under 20 minutes
  83. 30 Consecutive Pull ups
  84. 1 Pull up with 50 additional pounds
  85. 10 dips with 100 additional pounds
  86. Bottom Up Turkish Getup 32K Kettlebell
  87. Bottom up Press 44K Kettlebell
  88. 20 reps squat 400lbs
  89. One Arm Handstand for 5 seconds
  90. Elbow lever for 5 seconds
  91. Perform all the Crossfit girls workouts within one week
  92. Achieve American Kettlebell Club Master of sport
  93. 10′ flag pole climb
  94. 25 consecutive Ring muscle ups
  95. 100 burpees in under 20 minutes
  96. 1 mile tire drag (45lbs of weight) under 20 minutes
  97. Climb a Seneca 5.10


  1. Write 100 Goals  – 10/07/07
  2. Towel pull up – 10/07/07 Video
  3. Pinch Deadlift 5 tens – 11/09/07 Video

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  1. […] age 40 (2019) – see my 100 X 40 list, this idea is stolen directly and with permissions from Chris Rice. These will become refined […]

  2. […] 100 x 40 […]

  3. Petr R. said,

    add some crossfit benchmark with some good numbers (sub 4 min Fran for instance).

  4. Elliot Sands said,

    Sounds like a challenging list, ive read chris rice’s list and thought about making my own as well,good luck to you. ive got a few you could add if your interested;
    1 lift the inch(very dependent on equipment, though you could train on a thick dumbbell and then just use someone elses to do it),
    2 complete the long cycle, the full 10rpm 20 minutes,
    3 achieve one of the ranks at the world kettlebell club
    4 enter a marathon
    5 enter a triathalon

    there are a lot of things you can do, its just what interests you as it can be hard to be motivated by some things

  5. Petr R. said,

    Hey, if you really want to challenge yourself… do couple of those in let’s say one month. If you squat 700 tomorrow and you run triathlon in 5 years you will have very different abilities and body.
    To run triathlon today an be able to squat 700, DL some huge amount of iron two days later and do one hand pullups next day… That’s what I would call CTI, close to impossible.

  6. Mike said,

    Good suggestions in those. Thanks for that. I will be adding a few of them to the list this weekend, I agree that by doing a few today and a few in five years, it may be due to a very different body, that’s why I’m going to work a few randomly selected ones each month. Still, changing the body is part of the whole point. You’re right though, I’m trying to remain a generalist and don’t want to give msyelf the chance to specialize.
    In my ideal “magical” world, I would be able to do them all back-to-back-to-back-to-back at the end but I think that is probably totally impossible. No reason not to try.

  7. Mike said,

    Hopefully you two check back ’cause I have a couple questions:

    Petr, are there any kind of bench mark times to go with those workouts that are written down anywhere?

    Elliot, I’m looking at the American Kettlebell Club site and I am left with a couple questions do they have a complete listing of the their rules posted?

  8. Elliot Sands said,

    not sure, you may have to join their forum or email them, i havent joined, think you should go for master. there are videos on youtube i think.

  9. Mike said,

    I tried to contact them, it’s only been a few hours so hopefully I’ll hear back. I think I understand the Jerk/Snatch now. It’s max reps jerk with two bells followed immediately by max reps snatch with one bell and only one hand swith. The long cycle makes sense. The one thing I think I still need to understand before I pick my rank is, do you have to perform both exercises up to the goal standard and if so how close? In the videos on their site they only focus on the Jerk/Snatch. I just want to know what I am signing up for before I get started.

  10. Elliot Sands said,

    only thing i can find to help was in the blog, she only did snatches, but they will definitely be able to tell you more

  11. Mike said,

    Yeah, I found one other case, a guy where he just missed with the jerks and snatches. I’ll let you know when I know more.

  12. Chris Rice said,

    I see you’ve completed the list – psycho! A very difficult list to say the least. I look forward to seeing your progress over time. I ended up with a few things left still to do on the 60-60 list so I’ll keep plugging away on them. I have 3 items on the new Five While Alive list now and a couple ideas for the last two. I’m amazed at the number of people who seem to have read or heard of my little list! I’m flattered and hope everyone enjoys there personal journey as much as I have and continue to do.

  13. Mike said,

    Your list is known by a lot fo people. Respected by all, as far as I can tell. I just have the privledge to be the first with a blatant rip off. I think I’m gonna have to have somewhere to write down ideas as they come to me. There were a few that weren’t quite ready for this list and couple that just never quite made it.

  14. Chris Rice said,

    I don’t know if you would be interested in this or not but my 60 items continued to grow as I found new things that seemed worthwhile to include – I think at last count it had like 83 things on it. It will continue to grow and I’ll continue to chip away at it – not only by adding new items but by trying to advance those I have already checked off. It’s always about the journey, not the destination. So you could have the long term goal of doing 100 out of however many items you feel appropriate. Your time frame is long enough for you to find several different interests you may want to pursue – the list must somehow be flexible enough to account for that.

  15. […] 100 x 40 […]

  16. Nice blog man. Do you still have the bending goals in mind? If so, I could help you out with some of the basics. Not sure if you know who I am on the GripBoard, but if you’re a regular there my name is “bencrush.” Just let me know man.

  17. Mike said,


    Sorry for the delay. the short answer is “I don’t know”.
    I need to completely rebuild that list after my injury.I’ve never been able to settle into grip stuff. I’m all ears for suggestions.

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